Tuesday, January 8, 2008


For some reason, blogger won't let me put the pics last (or maybe i'm just not as smart as hubs). So here's the pics from Port elizabeth, South Africa up top.
So the Christmas wrappings, trees, mistletoe, and bells have been put away, and we have the bruises and exhaustion sickness to show for it. We "scooched" to Olive Branch, MS safely (praise God, it was through the snowstorms) and are living in a great little apartment. Jed's parents have a detached garage with an apartment above it and we are so thankful! We have some awesome parents who have all let us crash with them for extended periods of time (and my parents have the bruises to show for that). Jed is LOVING his job at NICS and comes home exhausted and filled to the brim with new information but more computer savvy and happy than I've seen him in awhile. I have just begun my search for a job yesterday. Some cool things about living here:

1. We see his parents, grandparents, and his aunt and cuz, my grandparents, aunt, and cousin a lot! :)

2. My BF (Roxanne) who lives here is PREGNO. That's right, I'll be an auntie! I am so excited and have already spent time on etsy.com dreaming about both sexes the baby could be.

3. I have another BF, Lill, who lives right down the road.

4. There are family friends everywhere.

5. We don't live far from Beale Street-the famous hub for good blues and good food.


But, I am really missing our new friends in Fort Collins and, since we've been here, my girls in the Burg. To say the least, I'm heartbroken. Something about things coming together makes me mourn our time there a little more.

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