Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Braden Came to Be...Part I

Did the title scare you? Good!

I've been meaning to write our dude's story for awhile now. I want to remember it because it was amazing, and difficult, and painful, and God-breathed. It's perfect. But because I am dramatic, and I like to tell stories, I have to start at the very beginning (A very good place to start...thank you Julie Andrews).

In June of 2004, Jed and I got married. This was definitely not the beginning of our story, but it's where I'll begin for now. Any-who, we lived in Lynchburg for the first three years of our marriage, and we constantly went camping, hiking, traveling, skiing, and doing tons of other fun things that people sans kiddos can do. We talked about wanting kids one day, and we both like kids. Sooooo....we took a big step in our lives......

We bought Nikki!!

Here we are camping with our first baby:

We also did outlandish things like manipulate our duplex neighbors into opening ALL of our homes and throwing a massive Halloween party. And all of our friends including us dressed like crazy people....we love dressing up. Some people don't--they lead boring lives and are snobs who take themselves too seriously. Sorry if you're one of them. Get over yourself. Wink. (I think winks make strong opinions sound sweeter. Whaddoyouthink?)

Eventually we moved to Colorado. But that's another story for another time. And eventually we moved to Memphis. And we bought a house, and we started talking.

About the idea of starting a family. OK I'll be a bit more honest. JED started to talk. I had been talking about it for years. I am what my mom calls a verbal processor. Since very soon after we got married, we'd be in Kroger and I'd see a woman with a possy of children following her like ducklings, and I'd point out to Jed that I couldn't wait to have a possy following and bugging me. He'd usually tell me to stop staring and pointing. At restaurants I was (am) the freak that would be making faces at the baby at the next table. Jed would typically ask me why I felt the urge to make faces at miniature people while on a date with him. He loves me.

I might as well mention here that I also struggled with the thought of having children. I am a selfish person, and it was difficult for me to think about all that I would have to give up--dinners for two, independence, my body, vacations, money, and the list goes on. One major struggle for me was the thought of giving up a career. Jed and I both worked at day cares when we were in high school and decided we wanted to have a parent at home with our kiddos. Don't get me wrong--there are some wonderful daycares, and people must make the right decision for their own family. (I'll preach at ya about my feelings on judgemental, anti-daycare people later.) But for Jed and I, we really prayed that God would provide a way that I could at least be home most of the week with our kids until they're in kindergarten. This means no Bad A career for awhile for me. I am not necessarily all about careers, but I AM all about causes, working hard, and using my gifts and abilities.

OK--so back to wanting chirens.

I longed to me a mom, and I longed for Jed to be a Dad. I longed to love a kid, I longed for the sanctification of parenthood, and I longed for a kid to bring Jed and I even closer together. So once we were in Memphis, and quite settled, we knew it was finally business time.

Don't we look so care-free and not frazzled and frantic?? It's because we didn't have a kid. Now I'm matronly and ugly and boring and tired and gray-headed and sweatpant-wearing. Sigh....

OK my fingers are tired of typing, and plus I need to work on a grizzant before the world's best baby wakes up from nap #1. I meant to write the grant first, but I have ADD I think.

Part II to follow soon!


Emily Lauren said...

I have SO many comments!!! LOL First of all, you are NOT ugly OR matronly( I wouldn't be jealous of a matronly, ugly person's looks. I'm just sayin'.), gray headed, OR boring. PUH-leeeez. You MAY wear sweatpants SOMETIMES and you may feel tired, but you're like, one of the funnest people ever. Glad I cleared that up for you. ;) (wink. hehe) Anyway, I can't WAIT to read the rest of this...because I totally am feelin' it.

Parker said...

WHale. You challenge me. I think we have a shared through process. Even as I work on my masters, Peter and I discuss how realistic it is that I'll be working full time when we have a family.

Also, we should get a meal sometime. Or, I'll just invite myself over. I'm fond of that. I'd like to catch you wearing sweats looking matronly.

lisamichelle said...

Love it and can't wait for part 2!!

Mary Edwards said...

Hello my fellow matron. Our kind friends may disagree, but we know what has happened to our bodies.
JUST KIDDING! You are NOT matronly, but I wouldn't allow you to disagree with me, so that's all I'll say about that.

Number 1) THANK YOU for posting a link to business time. Made my day.

Number 2) Can't wait for Part 2!

J Hale said...

OK... i am totally into this story too. There are so many details that I had forgotten ever existed. Can't wait to find out how it all ends up. I hope we're happy now. I'm glad you have the memory, energy, eagerness to tell stories, etc that I don't have. You complete me.

Ashley said...

I'm glad I took a risk and got past the scary title. Come on, number 2! I love this story... God is good!

Lauren said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH I LOVE one specific line VERY VERY MUCH!!!! and now i will be very sneaky and secretive and tell NOBODY which part i love the most :) oh how I love having secrets with myself ; )

P.S. I cant wait for part 2 either! i love when you tell stories!!!!! Its my favorite :)