Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Heart Kroger

Yesterday a gentleman walked by me in Kroger and said, "I've just seen an angel." I thought to myself, "What a cheesy, atrocious pick up line, but geez, I'm totally flattered." (I was in my sweatpants as usual, but I was wearing a cute, pink shirt with them.)

And then I realized he was talking about my son.

Oh well.

FYI--this child is obsessed with wheels. The wheels on his cars, his trucks, his wagon, the jogging stroller, and even the shopping cart at Kroger. He was actually falling out of my arms in Kroger trying to get to the wheels on the cart so he could put them into his mouth, I'm certain.

Happy Kroger-story-telling Day!


Roxanne said...

Your hilarious! If he loves wheels, he's going to LOVE the cart with the car on the front. It's embarrassing for us moms, but keeps the kiddos from screaming. Who am I kidding?!? Mine are the ones in the car (making me look ridiculous) AND screaming!

Kelli said...


oh and Roxanne...i love when my kids were trapped in that damn car fighting...that was awesome.

now praise the Lord (PTL) that they are too big to be in the car cart! WOOOT

Anne said...

What a beautiful picture of your precious son! Of course I love that darling outfit too! Hope you three are well :)