Thursday, May 29, 2008

More of the house.

Our bathroom shower. Plus, you can see to the right, we have a sweet jacuzzi tub! Our "separate crapper" as our realtor pointed out-quite a selling point.
Finally, Jed doesn't have to share a small mirror w/me!

Here's our bedroom. We love the new color on the walls. Updates include new bedding and a new bed at some point. We sorta lost the sideboards in the move....somehow.

We have 2 of these windows. I love them.

And, of course, our guest has a toilet and tub too, but those weren't the cute parts :)
A laundry room!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Kitchen!

We have a really fun eating area in our kitchen.... And I love the lights hanging down separating the kitchen and living area.


Alright--so I've decided to do this over a few blogs bc this one turned out so badly :) Here's our house-we love it although we are just beginning the redecorating. I don't think there's a single room that we won't change somthing major in :) Here is our cute fireplace.... And our guest bedroom downstairs...can you tell we need some fresh paint? Jed just loves the pink. Sarcasm people.

And I am standing on the stairs taking this of our den that heads into the kitchen area. NEW COUCHES. I love them. And, of course, my fave coffee table of all times that my hubs made.
Our favorite part of the house is how OPEN it is. We love how the den opens into the kitchen.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Kelli Johnson

I LOVE my friend, Kelli Johnson's blog. She makes me laugh AND cry. She will post about anything. Sometimes funny, sometimes her raw feelings, and other times just fun pics. I have admitted before that I am an avid blog reader but because of the state of our house and the play and work and everything else going on, I haven't read in ab a week. So yesterday I got on and caught up on all the blogs I read. Hers made reference to the fact that all her friends weren't updating theirs. And she said, "Pregnant people, graduating people, people who spent a week in grand cayman, people with three girls, two girls, people who just bought their first home, People who got into seminary....come on!" This was her plea for her friends to update. I am the "people who just bought their first home." So, in honor of Kelli, I am promising that this weekend I will update w/pics of the house like I've been promising.

By the way, my sis and mom roll into town for good this weekend. I am SO pumped!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can I get a what what?

Alright, so yes, I will be putting a coat of many colors up Ashley's....nostrils, to be nice :) (read her comment, it actually made me laugh for real). I am Dan's wife in Joseph at DeSoto Family Theatre--our community theatre here in northern MS. Not real ambitious--an amazing chic (Ashley Wieronski for those of you that know her, look her up on youtube if you don't) auditioned for the narrator and I'm excited to be in a show with her. The rest of us women are the brothers wives. This means five days a week of vocals and grueling choreography. heehee. Another cool part is that my aunt Becky is also in the show, as is my seven year old cousin-Rachel. Anyways, practices are now until the end of June when we'll have two full weekends of performances. If you can come, it's a pretty fun show.

AND the house is coming along. If someone could donate about $15,000 that'd be great. I'll need it for hardware for our cabinets, a new bed, some other furniture, a new flat-screen TV, new towels, curtains, blinds, etc. Seriously, we're just trying to take it one room at a time and save for the big stuff. I WILL post pics soon. But w/our schedule right now it's getting a little hard to post.

Other news....ummm, I asked to go to the Burg for my birthday present from Jed. Cool huh? I'm pretty pumped about that.

I'll try to post again soon. I have cool stories from work I want to tell :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Go go go Joseph

Hello! I feel as if lately I only write apologies. I am not apologizing. We just got internet access and I haven't had time to write. Between work, Nikki, Body Pump classes at the gym (my new obsession), the new house, family coming in and out of town and my newest endeavor (which I'll tell you about soon) I have been really busy!

So this is the hint for my newest endeavor. Most of you already know but can you guess what I'm doing?????

Will write more soon!