Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rolling in the Weep (Cheese Sauce, I Know)

I spend much of my days frustrated and tired and broken.

I think a lot about the huge number of people who are homeless, poor, abused, depressed, unemployed, sick, abandoned, hurting, and dying.

I really do. It utterly and completely breaks my heart in a way that sometimes makes me weepy.

Sometimes I'm just vacuuming or reading an article or making Bennett some milk (the evil, unhealthy formula that I feed him.), and I get all teary eyed because I overwhelmed with something deeply painful in this world, and I want it fixed.

But most of all--I get really weepy for orphans, and I get really weepy for children who are in horrible home environments. Jed's probably tired of my weepiness over this one.

We have several friends who have adopted children and are in the process right now. Asian children, newborn children, African children, two year old children, American children, sibling groups, 19 year old children, children with learning or developmental disabilities, and perfectly healthy children.

It makes me so excited. It makes me a little more weepy though. Happy weepy--it's way different and much more fun.

No--I'm not announcing our intent to adopt. We don't know what the future will bring for our little family. But for now, I got weepy this afternoon over these boys.

Amidst all the sad things in this world--God gave me and Jed two healthy, happy little bugs. I tear up when I think about how awesome it is that we have each other. That even though they will sin like the little rascals they are, and their parents will let them down, and we'll all fight sometimes, we have each other. And we won't leave each other. And we all get to experience love every day. We all get to take care of each other and we all get to teach each other a million little lessons.

These are two moments I want burned into my mind. They make me know glory is going to be awesome. And they make me thankful that in this terrible, awful world, there is a God full of mercy and grace who loves me and holds me every day.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Servanthood. Psh.

Unfortunately, I obviously suck at remembering and prioritizing this blog. But here I am tonight.

Y'all, one thing I love to do is work out at the gym and listen to podcast sermons. A friend told me about Mark Driscoll (don't judge. i'm bad at staying in touch with the pop christian culture and didn't know who he was. hello, mars hill, i love you.), and I have been listening to his marriage series. Youch. They're pretty killer. And, by killer I mean awesome.

So this morning I listened to that man talk all about serving one another in a marriage. I found two things that he said particularly helpful:

1. Serving others together is not serving one another. It's good and all, but it is not serving one another. So start serving one another too.

2. Serving your family is not serving one another. It is serving your family. So start serving one another.

There was much more. And these points were obviously more profound, but I think ya'll should just listen to his sermons too. Just trust me. Get em on your iPhone, hook it  up in the car, and tell those precious, darling kiddos to shut their yappers while you listen.


Get it? Because they NEVER shut their yappers?
This is Jed serving me--digging a shard of something outta my foot.
I need housewife worker's comp. True that.

First picture I remember taking with Jed. I was a sophomore, he was a junior.
I had a killah crush on him here, and I think he found out I existed 15 seconds before the picture.
My junior year, Jed's senior year. I was on homecoming court, and Jed was on the football team. The one that lost the homecoming game. He was a bit angry at the thought of taking a happy picture immediately following the atrocity.