Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I think I have a new idea for this bloggaroo. But not yet....I have A LOT of updating to do.

Because this is my first blog back, I have a point to make:

My whole life has been filled with moments where I've thought, "I swore I'd never do this and now I am." Newest moment like this? I seriously text my husband or gmail chat him sometimes to tell him things like Braden finally pooped and it went up his back (this excites me) or Braden smiled and looked at me simultaneously or Braden misses you or Braden's tummy hurts and he needs to poop or I want to take Braden camping for the first time this fall.

I could definitely say more interesting things that pertain to my big-girl-job like how the air and water pollution statistics in Memphis are shocking or how I just learned how people get food stamps or even that I am learning horrific statistics about infant mortality rates in Memphis. I could, but nope. I frequently choose to tell him about our son's gastrointestinal issues and the fact that he is getting so chubby I am counting extra rolls.

I guess moms don't tell their husbands that stuff because they're bored, huh? I think it's because maybe we were designed us to care more about the minute details of our child's life than almost anything else. Weird. And sounds totally familiar....

And by the way. Jed actually likes most of the updates.