Saturday, March 13, 2010


First thing is first. Who knows how to add an accent mark to the a at the end of Voila?

Second, no one ever told me that putting a nursery together on a budget was SUCH a challenge. Geez! Thanks, mankind.

The story--Last weekend, Jed and I attacked the cute little buffet that Minnie, my maternal grandmother (bc it is very important for you to know that little fact), gave us. It has been in her family for quite sometime and in the first picture, you can see what she did to it over 40 years ago. Our goal was to turn the sucker into something that matched our nursery and that we could use as a changing table. This is what we did:

1. Moved this from Minnie's garage to our back porch. Woot.
2. Removed the awesome 60's hardware.

3. Borrowed an electric sander. Lesson for #3--electric sanders are SO much fun! Christi, a friend of mine, is a pro with hers, and she let me borrow it so that I could sand this sucker down. it took FOREVER, but it was fun.
4. Wiped the whole thing down REALLY good and then painted it the green that we are using in our nursery.
5. Painted a thin coat of white paint and then sanded away. My super hott hubby entered mad artist mode and went to town with a sheet of finer sandpaper while I used the sexy electric sander with fine paper as well.

Oh, and then we added cute glass knobs that I got on MAJOR sale (as in, regularly $4.99 and I paid $.99 apiece) at I get to say the word.....

VOILA! (minus the accent on the A)

Now we just hafta get one of those contoured changing pads for the top of it. I registered for one, so I'm waiting to purchase it.



Jessica Kenney said...

Awesome! Looks great! Can't wait to see the whole room! Does baby have a name yet?!?

ShawnandSherri said...

Martha Stewart better watch out, great teamwork you guys :). It's adorable.

Annie Wrigley said...

love it. now do the same for me. :)

Ashley said...

lurf it!!

Kelli said...

ahhhhh I love it :)

Emily Lauren said...

Whit, your nursery looks awesome!!! :) i'm so glad you could use the white shelf...and i'm so glad we "worked out" tonight haha love you!

Emily Lauren said...

Whit, your nursery looks awesome! I'm so glad you could use the white shelf...and I'm so glad we "worked out" tonight..HA! :) love you!