Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cashew Chicken

Those of you who know me know I love to cook! BUT I do NOT make anything difficult or with complicated ingredients--no siree. That's for people who have their own cooking shows and snobs and such.

So lemme preface this recipe--my husband was born in Korea, and he loooooves Asian food, or mainly just rice. And with rice--he must have meat. Every night. Meat. And Rice. Get it? K! So when we lived in Lynch-vegas (that's Lynchburg, Virginia, for those of you who don't know where some of my best memories and friends are), we used to go to a yummy restaurant called Thai 99 and eat Cashew Chicken. We miss it, and I cry myself to sleep every night longing for it. Just kidding, only once! So I did some research and I found this amazing recipe (amazing because it's easy) for Cashew Chicken and here it is.

Thai Cashew Chicken

3 T Canola oil {or whatever oil! I used Olive Oil, because Popeye rocks my world}
1 lb chicken {who puts chicken on a scale? for realz. I use 4-6 chicken breasts}
2 1/2 T Thai chili paste {or straight up chili paste. DO NOT ADD EXTRA...this amount alone will make everyone around cough and run to the hills if you don't have a fan on!}
1/2 c chicken broth {or more if you're me and read it wrong and add 2 cups....but we like LOTS of juice, so it turned out better}
1 red bell pepper in 1/2" slices {my husband doesn't like veggies, I skip}
1/2 large onion in 1/2" slices {I tell my husband to get over it, and I add this}
1/4 c oyster sauce {Asian section in Kroger (or Krogers if it's my grandmother)}
1 T sugar
6 dried red chiles {riiiight, never did this part}
1/2 c raw roasted cashews {or MORE}

Cook chicken in 2T oil in large skillet. Set Aside. Add remaining oil to skillet and heat. Add chili paste, stirring constantly to break it up for 1-2 minutes. Add chix broth, red pepper, onion, oyster sauce, and sugar. Stir well and simmer 3 minutes. Lower heat to medium, add chicken, and cook until sauce is slightly thickened and veggies are tender, 4-5 minutes. Add chiles and cashews. Stir and serve over rice.

Here are the pictures of the way all this went!

I first poured a glass cider!


Olive oil in cute green cast iron dutch oven. I love Martha Stewart.
I got tired, and husband hottie had to pour me cider.
Because I was feeling nice, I made the onions that said husband hates separately!
Broth...too I had to add more of other stuff too...I like!
Finished product. Love button.

Feed to hungry guests. The ones happy to have their picture taken. Sometimes they hate me. But I always love them.


Roxanne said...

YUM! This looks SO good!

Kelli said...

i lurve you. so much. so very much. so much. k. done.