Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Braden's BFF:

Recently Braden played with his friend, Wyatt. They are so cute together. Isn't that shirt Wyatt is wearing trendy??

Don't you think someone should sell them?

Don't you think you'd buy it for tons of money because it's so fashionable?

{{Comment mom makes these shirts with appliques. She's got all sorts--pirate ships, owls, monograms, cupcake, giraffe, lion, crab, and many more . They're my favorites.}}
Rox and I recently braved a trip to the Tunica outlets with the three boys. They all squished in the backseat. Eli entertained the other two, and for a moment, Roxanne and I thought our lives were pleasant and sweet.

Isaac and Mary backed out at the last minute because Isaac got sick. ISAAC--DON'T DO THAT AGAIN! I missed your adorable and most entertaining responses/reactions/expressions that are going to get me my tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show when I tell her you're my son.
Remember the post about our failures as yard-ers? Yes. I made up that word. Leave me alone.

I also am a plant killer.

I would now officially like to blame it on my mom. She has a black thumb. She can play a mean game of tennis, she can give you all the wisdom about mothering you need, and she can sing like a bird. But don't ask her to babysit your plants.

My grandmothers are both excellent plant keepers and my mother-in-love and father-in-love (I saw that somewhere. Doesn't it make in-law sound better?) have the mother of all green thumbs. Jed's mom grew up in heaven--the best farm in Iowa that you could possibly imagine--and she learned a thing or two about greenery. The in-loves have a thriving garden every year and gorgeous flowers, plants, and trees everywhere on their property. They work really hard on it.

This year I have planted a few herbs to "get back on the horse."

Don't judge. I'm starting small. And Braden helped.

And he played with his friend, Isaac, while he dug up my seeds. If they don't grow, I'll blame B this time.Psych! I might have stolen this picture from Mary's blog. She'll probably sue me because she owns the copywright. But it was worth the ensuing suing because I found it humorous that the day after I took these pics, Mary had posted that picture. It was like we had a playdate from afar.
Oh, and also, Braden has received his top two teeth from the Reverse Tooth Fairy. I'm afraid we'll have to change his last name to Rieves as this is a dominant trait in the Rieves family.


Kelli said...

I remember going to the outlets with Laura and Ginna and Konner....oh the days gone by. I love you. If I was single and believed in lesbianism, I'd marry you. Of course you'd have to be single and believe that too. <3

Mary Edwards said...

Haha! We will try never to be sick again. You can steal my (Josh's) pictures anytime. Maybe we should let them play in the dirt together. Bonding!

Anonymous said...

UM, Do not flatter me with the t-shirts and then call me a "black thumb!" YOU are grounded and yes I capitalized all letters in YOU! This is not the end of the world...I have you know that I have kept two house plants alive for 2 years. Maybe I kill everything outside but these two plants LOVE me!

Sincerely, Mom

Roxanne said...

Haha! I love your mom's comment. And I love that we had the courage to brave the Outlet Mall. I may not do it anytime soon, but the memories are so fun!

Lauren said...

love it :) and YES I would buy every shirt your mom would make and pay TONS and TONS for each one- they seriously are my favorite things that Wyatt has!

p.s. I can not wait till this summer when we can have play dates ALL THE TIME :) I need some MAJOR whitney time to catch up for all the lost time from this semester. I will hug you and whisper in your ears all summer- that is just how much I miss you ;)

Ashley said...

I am obsessed with all of those B pictures and insist you print them all for me!

Anne said...

I want some appliqued outfits for my babes!! How cute! And I'm cracking up about your "in loves"! Hilarious.