Saturday, May 28, 2011

And then there were FOUR!

A few months ago, Jed declared that we should begin the dash for the next baby. He said it was because I seemed so happy being with Braden and working from home writing/editing.

But I know the truth.

If you read my blogs about the long road we walked down to add Braden to our family, you understand his inclination. I am quite certain that Jed recognized that the longer it took, the more emotion and drama he would have to deal with--long nights of my why-doesn't-my-womb-work crying and days of tears watching siblings play together hoping and praying that God would bless Braden in that sweet way.

Or maybe he was telling the truth. Or maybe it was a bit of both. Who knows?

I will tell a short story now:

Two months later I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant (10 weeks now).

I told you it was a short story!

I looked up giggling and told God, "You are hilarious. Really?? This easy this time??"

His grace and mercy washes over even the weakest of sinners!

So ladies and gentlemen, here is the newest addition to our family, 19 months younger than Braden, due December 20! We are humbled and ecstatic that God has given new life to our family.
I am overjoyed at the thought of giving Braden a sibling. Maybe that's because we went to the park last night and I watched as he made comical little faces and noises at the older kids. It's time somebody taught that kid some social skills. Jed says he's just one. I think he's a nerd. Agree to disagree.

Also, I cannot even explain how much I adore my sisters and absolutely think they're the best gift my parents ever gave me. Jed feels the same way about his brothers. But of course in a manly, I-eat-red-meat kind of way. Obviously. Now Braden gets that too!

I will update more on the day to day happenings soon. But Jed is taking a long weekend, and we are staycationing. Yesterday we watched Harry Potter, played disc golf, and visited the park playground and today we are off to the Sunset spending time with my little fam.


ShawnandSherri said...

Parenting of two is an amazing experience to watch them learn and grow and play together. Things are a little more complicated with two, but the special moments shared between siblings make it all worth it. Congratulations ya'll!

Jessica Kenney said...

Congrats!! You will love it! And then after this one have another...its amazing!!! I want like 6 but Jon begs to differ :)

Kelli said...

double sigh. double sigh. i can't say that enough.

Rachel said...

Aw, I am so excited for y'all and us! I am so thankful that God created Braden and trusted y'all with him. Y'all are the best parents but Braden is even better at being a little boy! So thankful and cannot wait to meet my new GRANDbaby!

Annie Wrigley said...

so happy for you all, obviously! <3

Mary Edwards said...

Yay yay yay! I love the short story!!