Saturday, March 2, 2013

Encouraging Words

I caught up on my blogs this morning, and found the following at Rage Against the Minivan:

"Day care didn't break my bond with my parents, and it certainly didn't dilute the values my parents instilled in me. Although I was in day care for years, I can’t remember a single childhood caretaker’s face or name. My mother’s voice and lessons, however, ring in my ear every day."

This comes from a girl who spent most of her young life in daycare.

Thanks, whoever you are, for helping me with the fierce mamma guilt. 


LEA said...

That mama guilt is the worst! But, I have to remind myself I AM a better wife and mother when I work!
Hang in there!

ShawnandSherri said...

Yes! We have enough, we do enough, we are enough! Do not beat yourself up because you are an incredible mother (working or when a SAHM)...and your children know it!