Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Olive Branch Treehouse

I know that I have been bad at updating lately. Ash came in town and now Mom gets here tonight. I am so excited. I know that I need to tell you about my job. And I will, but first, here are some pictures of my life here!

Here is our treehouse. Yes, the whole thing! A picture of Jed's mom's awesome quilt.
Our kitchen.
The vase Minnie got for me in Peru. My grandmother still goes on mission trips.

My bowl that Mom and Dad gave me for Christmas. I LOVE it!

I took this old window that I got in Bay St. Louis (left from Katrina), and I stapled chicken wire to it in order to finally make an adequate jewlery holder.


Kelli said...

you are so martha! love your cute little house :) oh I miss you. I really really do.

Emily Finkel said...

How stinkin cute and bungalow-like! I love it.

The Eskestrands said...

whit - I love it - so adorable!!! hope you're doing well, I just discovered your blog and have now spent the better part of an hour catching up on your life! :)