Monday, March 10, 2008

Trip to VA

So yes, once again, the dumb pics post in a ridiculous order! The story is below them and I will post another blog of pics.

YES! I am finally working. I promise to update everyone on that (and it's wonderful, by the way). But since I love organization-I must tell all about what's happened since I last updated.
We went to Virginia! I have missed Lynchburg like you could not imagine and while we were there we were able to see SO many people. Thursday we caught up with the Andersons, the Webbs, some people at LU, Wes and Hill, Jackie, Debbie Bennetch (my mentor there for those who do not know this wonderful woman...I wanna be like her when I grow up), my wonderful Sarah Gahagan and more that I'm forgetting. Friday I had b-fast w/one of my best pals, Kelli, oh, and Bees-her daughter whom I love-and went to the J.Crew outlet. I also hung out at the Webbs some more-whose gorgeous (I mean, for real!) home we stayed in and whose friendship so graciously allowed us to impose because they had JUST moved in a few days before, now THAT'S a friend. Fri. night. we had dinner with the Webbs and Ankeneys and went to the Johnson's for a partay with our girl and guy groups! It was so much fun and we stayed up incredibly late. All the kids went down upstairs and it was so good to see everyone and to catch up! Saturday we had a lunch at the Trivits and Saturday night I went out for drinks and a bit of dancing with Kelli, Rachael, Laura, and Renee at Bullbranch--one of my fave undergrounds spots in the Burg. Man was that fun. Thus, the pictures! Sunday morning, we went to Redeemer and it made us miss that church. We were able to catch up with everyone and of course, hit up some Osaka, our favorite Japanese fast food, for some lunch before we left. I did NOT want to pull away from there. I am so thankful for our friends and I miss them so bad it sometimes hurts.

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eas8302 said...

Whit! You are absolutely adorable! I'm glad you and Jed had fun in Lynchbug. Keith just went there too and I didn't get to go. I'm so jealous of all of you! :)

I HAVE to make a Memphis trip soon. I'm saving my pennies starting now!!! :)

love ya!