Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can I get a what what?

Alright, so yes, I will be putting a coat of many colors up Ashley's....nostrils, to be nice :) (read her comment, it actually made me laugh for real). I am Dan's wife in Joseph at DeSoto Family Theatre--our community theatre here in northern MS. Not real ambitious--an amazing chic (Ashley Wieronski for those of you that know her, look her up on youtube if you don't) auditioned for the narrator and I'm excited to be in a show with her. The rest of us women are the brothers wives. This means five days a week of vocals and grueling choreography. heehee. Another cool part is that my aunt Becky is also in the show, as is my seven year old cousin-Rachel. Anyways, practices are now until the end of June when we'll have two full weekends of performances. If you can come, it's a pretty fun show.

AND the house is coming along. If someone could donate about $15,000 that'd be great. I'll need it for hardware for our cabinets, a new bed, some other furniture, a new flat-screen TV, new towels, curtains, blinds, etc. Seriously, we're just trying to take it one room at a time and save for the big stuff. I WILL post pics soon. But w/our schedule right now it's getting a little hard to post.

Other news....ummm, I asked to go to the Burg for my birthday present from Jed. Cool huh? I'm pretty pumped about that.

I'll try to post again soon. I have cool stories from work I want to tell :)


Caterpillar Kisses said...

as long as the coat has purple in it....

Roxanne said...

WHAT WHAT! I'm excited about the play!

Kelli said...

aaaaahhhhh are you coming again...when when when in the heck is your birthday?????? I realize I should know this....but I admit I don't.

Can't wait to see you! :)