Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Kelli Johnson

I LOVE my friend, Kelli Johnson's blog. She makes me laugh AND cry. She will post about anything. Sometimes funny, sometimes her raw feelings, and other times just fun pics. I have admitted before that I am an avid blog reader but because of the state of our house and the play and work and everything else going on, I haven't read in ab a week. So yesterday I got on and caught up on all the blogs I read. Hers made reference to the fact that all her friends weren't updating theirs. And she said, "Pregnant people, graduating people, people who spent a week in grand cayman, people with three girls, two girls, people who just bought their first home, People who got into seminary....come on!" This was her plea for her friends to update. I am the "people who just bought their first home." So, in honor of Kelli, I am promising that this weekend I will update w/pics of the house like I've been promising.

By the way, my sis and mom roll into town for good this weekend. I am SO pumped!


Kelli said...

hi my love ;) i love you too, thanks for the "update" :) LOL


Caterpillar Kisses said...

yay! that is funny. i can't wait to be there! and we'll see about blogging about rach and SK... that sounds fun, but i'm soo bad and keeping up with it!! i will try though...