Sunday, February 3, 2008


I know that I haven't posted in awhile. I keep meaning to write and never getting around to it. We are still adjusting to the Memphis area and to be honest, have so much going on, it is hard to get around to writing about it. It's exhausting to write an all out intense melodrama--which is what I live through on a daily basis--so maybe I'll start telling at least the logistics of our day to day, I promise to write in the next few days. For now, jed and I are starting a diet tomorrow to get rid of some extra parasitic blubber we've been keeping around for fun. And, honestly, so I can wear a bathing suit in the summer and fit back into all of my pants.
SO-pray for us and check out which I am obsessed with AND tell me what you're giving up for lent.


Emily Finkel said...

I'm giving up complaining for lent... or at least I'm going to try... We'll see how that goes. Good to hear from you again! :) Hope Memphis treats you with open arms. XO, em

Kelli said...

well I've been on a diet now for 4 weeks and let me tell ya, it's been rough. I have 1/2 the weight left, and i've hit a plateau so I'm annoyed!

I'm right there with you cheering you on my love :)

oh and I missed you last night. GO GIANTS!

Ashley said...

i always think i should give up chocolate for lent. but then i think, why would God make it if He wants me to give it up? so... maybe I will give up eating chocolate EVERYDAY for lent, and enjoy it once a week. I like the sound of that. love you and good luck!