Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally, apprehensively, fingers crossed-ly

We are on the brink of many changes here in the Hale treehouse. Yes, the apartment we are living in is kin to a glorified treehouse. I love it. Adventure #116 for me and Jed :)

I am (finally, apprehensively, fingers crossed-ly) on the verge of a job I'd love which I will not talk about until it is finalized. We are (finally, apprehensively, fingers crossed-ly) going to begin our house hunt. It will be like Christmas unpacking our boxes. I have forgotten what my things look like. Does everyone spend time on fun home design blogs like Design Sponge and stores like 2modern when getting ready to look for a house even though you know you can't afford anything to put in it yet?

The problem is, the more life moves on, the more crap in my heart I am having to deal with. I sometimes feel like the #2 filled toilet won't stop overflowing and the more I plunge it, the more it keeps coming. This week, amongst other things, I am learning to keep my mouth shut. Yesterday I attempted this. Yes, I know many of you are thinking, "Wow! Really? You really didn't say anything when you knew you shouldn't have?" Well, the answer is that I did not actually say anything but it was the hardest thing I've done in a long time. I told a friend today that all I could think afterwards was, "Those poor people didn't get to hear MY opinion." Yes, there is something overtly and obviously evil about me. And I am being witty but I am very serious about that. I have issues controlling my tongue and realizing that people quite possibly do not want to hear everything that I have to say and that my tongue is a double-edged sword with jellyfish stingers attached and is often unbearingly painful for people to be around. I used to educate myself in the school of If-you-think-it-you-might-as-well-say-it-because-it's-just-as-wrong-to-think-it but some wise people (e.g. my husband who puts up with me and my mom who has always put up with me) have lately advised that maybe I should transfer to the school of If-I-keep-my-murderous-comments-to-myself,-I-only-have-my-indignant-heart-to-deal-with-and-not-the-blood-and-guts-of-my-murdered-friends-to-put-back-together-maybe-things-will-be-less-time-consuming-and-my-friends-will-be-able-to-love-me-more-easily-and-not-feel-scorched-by-the-sun-of-my-tongue school. Oh, I know what you are thinking, "That thought is not common sense, Whit, that's bloody brilliant wisdom on your advisor's parts. I mean, I can see the thought process of thinking that murdering people would help build relationships and not tear them apart". Thanks for making me feel better. I knew I liked all you poor people who read my blog.

But anyways, maybe the next blog will be more uplifting.


Emily Finkel said...

aw! I hear ya, girl. I believe we are co-fighters in that battle! :(

love you!

Caterpillar Kisses said...

hey, i put up with you too!! but i can't wait to "put up" with you more often soon... yay!!

Kelli said...

yay congrats ;)

Roxanne said...