Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day #3!

If you feel like laughing:

If you want to know why pageant girls have bad reps:

If you feel like singing an anthem:

If you want to be called to love others well, know one of the reasons why I'm crazy about adoption, and cry (check out her blog for real inspiration):

If you want to dance:


Kyle, Jessie, and Parker said...

Literally can't watch the pageant video without hiding my face...embarrassing. Oh, and I love me some Willow Smith.

Mary Edwards said...

Miss SC did not win, I'm assuming.

I love the Newsies! I had such a crush on Christian Bale when this movie came out... maybe I still do.

I love Amazima and Katie's blog. I read it for the first time a while back and literally wept.

just the two of us! said...

okay. it made me so happy to see newsies on your youtube videos. we grew up watching that movie, and it is still one of my all time faves.

Whitney said...

SO glad to see other Newsies fans. What if I have a Newsies night?? It might get ugly, I'll hit you if you talk when he's singing.

Kelli said...


Anonymous said...

Miss SC absolutely kills me... surely she is having a stroke or TIA or something neurological going on at that moment... Don't you know all those SC state pageant officials are DY-ING as they watch their contestant go down the tubes.

Katie is A-MAZ-ING and makes me weep for joy : )

Amy said...

Have some cool adoption stories/blogs if you ever want to hear some. Also, we live close to Katie Davis. Don't know her personally but see her in town and at the pool occasionally and admire what she does in Masese.