Tuesday, February 22, 2011

YOUTUBE Week Day 2!!!!

Good morning! I was going to have a theme for each day of this, but alas, I am too ADD. Don't tell anyone.

Today I HAVE to show you a person I know and love...

This is my cousin, Rachel. She's nine. 9. Nine. 9. And she's adorable. And has the wit of a firecracker. Like she's really funny. Oh, and she's really talented.

We sang this song on Sunday morning at church. It's my new favorite. I LOVE this song! This version is a little less funky than the one we did, and forgive some of the cheesy looking people. Bless their hearts. (That's for you, Terrance!) I hope you dance all day to this song because you're singing it in your head. "Your grace is all sufficient, it's an all sufficient grace!"

And now a shout out to our new-ish worship leader, Matt, at Downtown Presbyterian Church. Because he introduced me to that song I love.

Poor thing--not talented at all. :) Bless his heart, too.

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Roxanne said...

I've never seen that one of Rachel! She's so good! And, of course, Matt is ridiculous!