Sunday, February 20, 2011

YOUTUBE Week Day 1!!!!

My blog isn't very focused. Some blogs are about cooking, some are about politics, some are about refinishing furniture, some are about family, some are about books--okay you get the picture. My blog doesn't have a theme. And it might not ever have a theme. Unless you consider chaos theme. In that case you'll be happy to know I have a theme.

This week I'd like to showcase some youtube videos that are my faves. I just feel that it's appropriate. Some days youtube makes the world go around. Here's enough for Day 1 of youtube themed week. It's all music. Sorry--I like music:

Hillary--my sis-in-law is always full of amazing music finds. Check The Civil Wars. I think I'm obsessed.

And here's another. I love the contrasts:

And here's a really fun one from them....

Because I love Drama:

I LOVE dancing, and I LOVE this song:

And finally, one of the reasons Braden will take dance lessons:

Peace, people, peace. And happy Sunday.


richard said...

Love the civil wars. Makes me wonder if Johnny Dep has a twin. The dancing is sick good. However I can't picture Braden doing that. I envision more like ak's ballet days:) pappy

Mary Edwards said...

I love the Civil Wars! I've never heard of them, but I think they are a new fav!!
Isaac started dancing to the the Watcha Say video, he loved it!! I love it too and think in my next life I will dance!