Friday, February 18, 2011

They Call Him Perfect Jed

Jed says that he's been getting numerous comments about how wonderful I make him sound in my "How Braden Came to Be" blogs. He says it's a little embarrassing. He's really introverted. And really sheepish. And he says it's not all true and that maybe I make him sound too good.

Heaven forbid.

Jed is not perfect. He's a really picky eater. Please still invite us to dinner. He doesn't like onions. Please still invite us to dinner. He doesn't like cooked tomatoes unless it's in a paste like spaghetti sauce. I like your food. He doesn't like little bits of celery or pepper in his food. I'll still eat anything, and he has a good attitude. Please still invite us to dinner. Jed grew up in Korea and he was home schooled. He's obviously very sheltered. Living in Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and America make you very sheltered. Forgive him for not liking those foods.
Isn't he cute though?

That was to prove that not all our newborn pics turned out alright. Thanks, Brooke, for letting us be dorks for a moment.

Jed also doesn't iron his own clothing. He helps with the dishes, he helps vacuum and dust, and he watches Braden, but he refuses to iron. He. won't. do. it. Ask him to iron your shirt! See what happens!!
Jed does not like to speak or sing in public. Nope. He doesn't. Sometimes if he gives a big presentation he says his voice gets shaky. See?? He isn't perfect. He also has a beautiful singing voice. But he doesn't like to sing in public. Or pray in public. Or make public announcements. Or proclaim his love for me loudly from a stage somewhere. Nope. He likes to do those things quietly.

I could just go on and on about how not perfect Jed is.

We do fight. Ask people who are around us a lot. They'll tell you. Sometimes we fight in front of them. Oops. I'll tell you about a fight we get in sometime. That'll be a good blog. Maybe I'll have my 2 readers resolve our argument. Oh, the endless possibilities...
We do try to fight toward something instead of against each other.

I lurve him. Maybe ya'll thought he was perfect bc I called him hot hot hot hot Jed?? Should I not use that many hots?


gizmo said...

whitney you trip me out!!! oh how i love you guys!

Kelli said...

what Jed's a picky eater? what? noooo seriously? really, Jed? Jed Hale? hmmmm weird. :P

no one's perfect.

just the two of us! said...

just read your "how braden came to be" posts. how sweet! I honestly teared up a little when i read your post about Jed being in China! Praise the Lord for babies! (and this post cracks me up!)

just the two of us! said...

okay just read your "how braden came to be posts"! how sweet! i teared up a little when i read the post about jed in china! thank the Lord for little babies! (also, this post cracks me up!)

Emily Lauren said...

I don't believe it. Nope. I don't. I think you're trying to cover up your perfectness. I still think you both are perfect in every way possible AND that you never fight. Ever.