Monday, March 7, 2011

The Love Month

February flew by. It was like the month was short or something.

Do you wonder what I do all day? When B is asleep, I write grants, manuals, and articles and also I do house things and take a shower. Just kidding about the shower part. I actually started to write out all of the things I do. Let's just say that had I been speaking aloud to Jed, he would have looked at me and asked me to please reconsider listing all those boring things. So I just called them house things. You're welcome. When he's awake, well the pictures show it well...

The Winebrenner boys and B at the park on the one gorgeous day of the month. I took this picture and then Eli said something like, "Take picture Mamma." Psh. Mamma's boy.

~Bath time~
Did you see what I did there? With the clever photo title? Just checking.

Great Minnie reading to B and Nikki.

~Spatula Boy~
He loves that thing. And I love him in only his diaper. We're even.

~Self-portrait. Take 3.~
He's working on it, give him a break.

Playdate with Isaac. I'm pretty sure he taught B to crawl.

Isaac makes the best faces I've ever seen.

I know this is two in a row, but I won't always post pictures of only Braden and other kids. And Roxanne. Hey Roxanne!

Or maybe I will. Just depends on what I decide my blog is tomorrow.


Kelli said...

love you, love the photos. that lil' boy is adorable! I want to have playdates again...I miss those.

Mary Edwards said...

Braden is adorable, Eli is SO OLD, Jude is ridiculously sweet, and Isaac, as usual, looks a little special.

I'm so impressed with your centered captions, I'm going to google how to do it today. Mine are always off to the left somewhere.

Now that I know you don't care... I'm going to post pics of Isaac & friends as well. You know, some moms are veird about those things. I guess you're not weird.