Tuesday, March 1, 2011

P-Dub in the House

I just uploaded (downloaded? My husband is our IT Department, not me.) a ton of awesome pictures, but you'll have to sit around and wonder what they are until I blog about them. Aren't you lucky?

But I WILL tell you about one important event in my life. (Imagine me saying this next part with a reeeeeal thick and slow southern accent.) I'm from Mississippi (without one of the "iss"es) and I don't wear shoes and I ain't never seen nobody famous before....(You can revert back to my normal voice now.)

We finally met the Pioneer Woman! She told us we were a cute group of friends, asked how we knew each other, and asked if we were having dinner after we left.

Then she winked at me and said, "You are my favorite person here, and we are Best Friends Forever. Do you wanna go get a drink?" OK-I made that last part up, but I think that's what she wanted to say.

And guess what?? PW brought Marlboro Man. He had a line too. But we were too late and didn't want to wait for him too. So look what we did, much to the laughter of the line in front of him.

Rox is such a blabbermouth. She just kept talking and talking to PW. We had to pull her away! And here she is--she's just really over the top with MM--he told her he would get a restraining order if she didn't back off!!
Here I am with my boyfriend. I mean Ree's husband. Sorry--sometimes I get confused.


Roxanne said...

Haha! I LOVE it! And I'm sure PW wanted to have some drinks with all of us, I just know it!

just the two of us! said...

so fun!! so happy to see y'all there! as soon as i left the book signing i thought of a thousand questions and things i wanted to say and ask her! ugh. stupid brain.

Kelli said...

true northerner: who the heck is that guy? seriously? I feel dumb. I am so dumb...

pioneer woman :) you guys are funny. glad you finally met some one famous (said in my deepest fake southern accent)