Friday, March 18, 2011


Don't ask what the title means. It's Dr. Seussish, and I like it.

Also I would like to highlight some happenings at the Memphis zoo:

Yesterday was Braden's first zoo trip. He just loved all the animals. He talked about them all day. He skipped around the zoo, and he even begged for us to buy a monkey when we arrived at home. Wait. It's me who is obsessed with the zoo and joined yesterday because I need more zoo in my life. Trust me...zoos are like chocolates. Except I don't want to eat anything from the zoo. Ew.

Eli was probably the only fun kid at the zoo yesterday. Sorry Braden, Isaac, and Jude--your wonder and curiosity is just not that pleasing to me yet. You were all so cute, but let's face it, I had more fun talking to your moms. Also two of you slept in your stroller while Eli entertained me. I'm just speaking facts here, precious children.
While Eli pointed at some strange creature that looked like a brown zebra with horns, he said, "It's a goat!" Poor thing. His parents have never taken him to look at those weird animals. He is left to deliberate animal names based upon what he has seen in cartoon books.
I'm learning how to use Picasa. Don't judge. Or do judge--and teach me how to use the dang program. I'll gladly take free lessons. I'm so lazy I don't want to fix it. Especially because my son is standing in his bed right now making weird fake coughs and fake clearing of his throat noises. This means he would like for me to come and get him.

Also, can you even see the pictures? They look so tiny. I might have to post the pictures like normal until I learn how to collage properly. But until then, I think that if you click on the collage, you can see it bigger in another window.

OKOK--I really have to go. His noises are getting weirder....

Stay tuned for the next post regarding another area of my life I've largely failed in. Maybe I could start blogging all my failures and you'll feel better about yourselves. That's fine. You can laugh at me at my expense. As long as you give me free lessons or help me. Like Roxanne, can you please help me repurpose things in my house? I mean do it for me. And Kelli--can you give me photography lessons and also teach me how to make a collage? I would keep going but ummm...he's definitely getting bed sores.


The Eskestrands said...

i love the collages!! i think I may just have to start using them, actually, when I have lots of pictures but don't feel like uploading them all! Genius, Whit!

Mary Edwards said...

Look, if you are gonna make a collage comprised mostly of pictures of my cute little man, I'm not gonna criticize! I love it!

We had so much fun!!!

Laura said...

Whit, you're adorable! And you're not lazy, either. You've got a baby and having one takes up pretty much all of your "brain power" for a while. You're totally normal, if you ask me. :)
Love you!

Kelli said...

I don't know how to make collages...come on crazy lady.

however I did learn how to do a tornado with my a$$ today. yup. Brazilian Butt awesome learning tool. 1. I sweat way more then I do in Plyo...shhhh don't tell Tonay. 2. Matthew is going to love the fact that I'm doing this workout. and 3. I have high respect for "dancers" everywhere. this is a killer workout ;)

Glad you enjoyed the zoo. Zoo's are awesome and sad all at the same time but I'm still fascinated by large animals everywhere :)